About Us

Developing the best Software from the Beginning

In 1989 at the beginning of consumer computing, when the Internet was only a rarity within the reach of scientists and Microsoft was a start-up, we started to develop our first business management program, Omega MS-DOS

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer a product that facilitates the work to our customers. We always seek, in a persevering way, the simplicity of handling and excellence in functions and competencies.

How do we do it

Our priority is customer service, responding quickly and with the greatest interest. The values ​​that guide us in dealing with the client are honesty and respect.

Goals achieved

For 30 years we have worked to develop quality software step by step

Winter-Spring 1989

The development of Omega MS-DOS begins

August 1989

The version 1.0 is made public, at that pre-CD and pre-Internet time, in floppies sent by postal mail to companies in the computer industry.


First sales through distributors of Sabadell, Calonge, Montmeló, and the seller of a Soft-Mail shareware.

November 1994

With the generalization of the CDs, the monthly magazine CD Ware, with a print run of 60,000 copies attached to a CD with software to test before buying, includes the latest version of the program for 22 consecutive numbers.

A partir d’aquest moment comença la venda massiva i ininterrompuda de      llicències d’Omega MS-DOS.

May 1997

1,000 licenses sold

January 1998

The development of the Windows 95 version begins, whose commercial name will be WinOmega.

September 1999

The first version of WinOmega is presented, taking advantage of the growing popularity of the Internet. The program on MS-DOS will continue to be marketed in parallel until 2004, with total sales of almost 3,000 licenses.

Memories for the story


Press clippings, curious images, interviews, logos, magazine covers, the sector …

Omega DOS

June 1989


January 1998

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February 1993

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October 2003

Hot Magazine. Interview Carles Millan

October 2003

Hot Magazine. Interview Carles Millan

October 2003

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February 1997

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November 1996

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April 2002

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WinOmega 6.0

May 2004

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December 1997