WinOmega 14

An integrated business management package that will allow you to take full management of your business

With WinOmega you can…



Create invoices easily and intuitively, and send them to your customers by email in PDF format


Create budgets, send them to customers, and turn them into a bill or invoice in just a few clicks


Make the most common models of finance (130, 303, 347 …)



Generate remittances of SEPA receipts quickly and efficiently, grouping in few clicks the invoices issued by one or more clients


Manage a warehouse, generating delivery notes and orders to suppliers, and controlling the stock and the traceability of the products


Set up an integrated TPV with ticket printer, barcode scanner and drawer opening


Issue electronic invoices for public administrations, and send them automatically through the FACe point of entry

Differences between WinOmega Light and WinOmega Cloud

WinOmega Light


The data is in your computer


We recommend backing up and it is the responsibility of the user to do them (and sometimes it is not done with the consequences that this may entail)

Complete functionality

No limit on invoices

WinOmega Cloud


The data is in the cloud and therefore, if you have different jobs (different stores, from the store, from the office, from home, …) you can connect without any problems.


Of the backups we take care of ourselves (automatically and replicated in 3 datacenters), your data always safe!

Complete functionality

No invoice limit, all WinOmega functionality without restrictions

WinOmega in a nutshell …

Business management integrated package for Windows Vista / 7 / 8.x / 10 (and for Mac OS and Linux using Wine, Crossover, VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion), with billing issued and received, printing invoices , tickets, paper and telematic receipt, verification of credit cards, forms of payment, warehouse, complete order management of suppliers, registration of tickets, issues with issuance, printing and modification of delivery notes, convertible quotes to delivery or invoice, cost scandals, text editor, complete file management of articles, clients, suppliers and commercial agents, with editing options, price changes, family classification, visualization, label printing, commission calculation , numerous online utilities, clock, calculator, calendar, calendar, phone book with bookmark, notebook, large variety of visible and displayable lists, compatible with local area network, context-sensitive help from most program screens, an attractive interface with pull-down menus, highly configurable, very easy to use without prior learning, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Import of data from FacturaPlus. Data import in Excel. It will allow you to take all the management of your business without having to have several programs. Fully operational evaluation version. And much more …